Works by Layla Curtis

Layla Curtis is a British artist. Many of her works are based on maps.


Her web site once displayed many of her works, relying on features that did not work with some browsers. Therefore, I took the liberty of reproducing here links to images on her site, for the benefit of those who would like to see her works but cannot access them via her own site.


Other works


Traceurs: to trace, to draw, to go fast

Video trailer for above.


The web site
Message in a Bottle   from Ramsgate to the Chatham Islands
opened on May 26th, and presents a work by Layla Curtis.


The Women Artists Diary web site has an image of another of her works, not listed above, "The Four Corners of the Earth".


I strongly recommend seeing the originals of all the above works. The images linked here are far too small to do justice to her work.


The Cab Gallery hosts her Macromedia Flash work, Web Project. This is designed to be seen with a browser.
More miscellaneous maps