The Use of Tiny Invisible GIF Files

Here is an invisible graphic:. You can't see it; so what use is it?

This page describes the use of totally transparent GIF files. You might think that such an object, being invisible, must be useless. In fact, they can be useful to an HTML author.

You can use them for spacing text.

Read a boring explanation of why I use them for this.

You can use them in tables.

That cell is empty ->
These are twonormal cells
That cell has a space in it ->
These are twonormal cells
That cell has an invisible graphic in it ->

You can link from them.

Here's one:see if you can click on it.

Is this a serious idea, or just a joke?

I was not sure myself, at first. However the technique is now widely used, and applied automatically by some html generators.

How to get one.

If you want a transparent GIF file, you can make your own, using LViewPro or PaintShopPro.

But it is easier just to copy mine. Please do take a copy; please do not use a link to this site. Such a link would work, but it would slow things down, and impose an unnecessary load on this web server. This GIF file is not copyright, so you can do what you like with it.
It has a single, transparent, pixel. Its size is 43 bytes.

If you have any comments on the use of tiny invisible graphics, please mail me at about it.

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