1827 Jr Stock Market Movements

The rules of 1827 Jr, by Federico Vellani, include a table listing the 25 ways in which the market price of a company can change. This table can be hard to use. It is my hope that the following tables will be easier. I recommend studying the rules first, and using these tables only as an aide memoire.

A corporation pays a dividend which is N times the market value of one of its 10% shares
N >= 1+ int(N) with a limit of +5
0 < N < 1blue zone+ 1
white or yellow zone+0
N = 0-1
Prestige Items
short distance prestige train+1-2
long distance prestige train+2-3
prestige line+3-5
shares bought
Company floated+1
Last share bought from bank pool+1
N shares sold
zoneco. has a trainco. has no train

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